WAZOO! quilting price schedule


I have been asked to post our quilting prices for prospective customers, so here they are!

*There is a $10 charge for repairing seams, squaring backing,and pressing top or back.

Battings we carry:

 Hobbs Heirloom  80/20, 96 inches wide for $2.50 per foot

Quilter's Dream Request, Select, and Poly, 93 inches wide for $2.50 per foot

Quilter's Dream Puff, Wool and Angel by the quilt sized package.

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 black by the quilt sized package

We provide binding preparation, machine application, and hand finishing for 15 cents a linear inch.

We are unable to use customer supplied thread. We use only threads suitable for longarm quilting; Superior, Signature, A&E,Perma Core and Glide. We have a huge inventory to choose from for the optimal result on your quilt. The thread charge is separate and depends on the type of thread used; $1 to $1.50 per bobbin.

Union County, GA sales tax is 7%

Minimum quilting charge: $25 for edge to edge; $100 for custom/heirloom

Quilt Size:

The size of the quilt top before quilting.  This measurement will change after quilting.

Width _____ inches x Length _____ inches = Total square inches _____ 

Multiply the total square inches by the desired level of quilting cost to estimate the amount  for your quilt.

Basting for hand quilting, (done with contrasting thread) : .005 cents an inch

Simple edge to edge pantograph  : .015 cents per inch

Complex edge to edge pantograph with custom border treatment : .025 cents per inch

Custom with stitch in the ditch, minimal marking and background fill : .035 cents an inch

Show/ heirloom custom with stitch in the ditch, customized motifs, marking and heavy background fill; .045 to .06 depending on complexity.